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Thanks to be here. I’m not a technical expert or a specialist of art history. I just want to share my emotions about art. Sharing is to give and to receive, isn’t it ? And more you give, more your receive! So let’s go: push all that we like or all what we do: painting, sculpture, photography, writing (I set a writing workshop in french), graphic illustrations, videos, music… No limit. Except my writing worshop, I try to use english. Be kind with me, I’m not very good (I’m French). But I’m working hard to be better and blogging in english is a good exercise!

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  1. administrateur@portail
    administrateur@portail dit :

    Hello. There are 3 origins :
    – all that I see (and like) in the real life.
    – all that I see (and like) on the social medias
    And the last but not the least :
    – all that we do (WE = you, me, every body… oh it looks like the song at the end of the movie « The Blues Brothers » ;-))

    All the fanpages I manage (heuuuu I managed) are (was) open : many contributors could push their own contents).
    First, in this blog, I set a starting content but my goal is the same. I hope others contributors join me!

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